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Feline rescue group 'shocked' after finding dead cats, poison in food bowls at Prospect Hill Cemetery in York

Feline Solutions Inc. has been working "around the clock," to rescue any remaining cats from the colony.

YORK, Pa. — Feline Solutions Inc., a local rescue group, had been trying to rescue a "colony" of cats at Prospect Hill Cemetery recently when they found four cats dead. 

Since their discovery, the group has been working "around the clock," to rescue any remaining cats from the colony. 

“We were able to do a toxicology report and see what was actually going on," Jasmine Cook-Gadley, a volunteer, said. 

They were able to do testing on Angel, a cat that had been clinging onto life; she is now recovering and they were able to confirm that she had been poisoned. 

Feline Solutions Inc. also discovered that rat poison as well as small, rusty nails were placed into the food dishes the cats had been eating from. 

“I was furious about how humans can be, and the nature of some humans," Cook-Gadley said. 

Feline Solutions also filed a police report with the Northern York County Regional Police Department and are waiting to hear back from them.

They say they are grateful for the community support that has been showed to them from people in York and through social media. 

“This has been an extremely exhausting situation, rescue in itself is exhausting, and we had to pull in multiple fosters that had their own cases that they’re working on to help us with this," Cook-Gadley said. "There’s been people in the community helping, donating, that have donated for Angel’s care, and the care of the others that are going to need to be vetted to." 

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