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Casar no longer running for Texas Senate, Zimmerman exploring his options

"I'm staying right where I am," Casar said. "Because you elected me for this job, for this moment."

AUSTIN, Texas — Though previously considering running for Texas Senate, Austin City Councilmember Gregorio "Greg" Casar announced that he will not be running and will instead run for the re-election for his council seat. 

However, former Austin City Council Member Don Zimmerman announced Monday he is weighing his options.

"I'm staying right where I am," Casar said on Twitter Monday, May 4. "Because you elected me for this job, for this moment, we're organizing at the local level to protect families and save lives from COVID-19. We're holding corporate landlords accountable so that no one has to lose their home. We're focused on public health, not public perception during this crisis."

In a press release on Monday, Zimmerman said that if he decides to run, his priorities would be property rights, building new roads, spending limits and responsive government.

"Central Texas voters are no longer interested in fighting Washington, D.C.'s battles at the Texas Capitol," Zimmerman said. "We find ourselves in not one but several economic emergencies — rest assured this will be reflected at the ballot box in July."

Casar will be running for re-election for City Council District 4. Casar said he wants to continue "representing the city I love and changing the state that I love, from the place I can be most effective."

This announcement and decision come after Casar officially filed a treasurer's report on March 2, marking his first step toward his bid. Representing District 4, Casar has been outspoken on policies involving social equity, shared prosperity, affordability, environmental stewardship and public safety.


Casar, Eckhardt, Hinojosa eye run after Texas Sen. Kirk Watson announces retirement

State Rep. Eddie Rodriguez becomes first to enter race for Senate District 14

Sen. Kirk Watson announced he would be retiring from his role this April to become the first dean of the University of Houston's Hobby School of Public Affairs. 

Rep. Eddie Rodriguez announced on Wednesday, April 29, he filed the paperwork necessary for his name to be placed on the ballot in the July 14 special election. Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt and Rep. Gina Hinojosa are all considering running for a seat in the Texas Senate.  

"If I lose the SD-14 race, I survive to suffer more local control in the advance of democratic-socialism, more government greed through illegal rezoning, more subsidies for people experiencing no property tax bills, and I live to fight another day," Zimmerman said. "The defenders of the Alamo only got a bayonet in the gut. Considering this, it's inexcusable to not fight for local liberty in these unusual times."

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