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'Brighten the block' event aims to reset neighborhoods in York and inspire pride

Some residents say it's easy to get stuck in the weeds in York. A local property management group is removing the weeds and inspiring hope and pride.
Credit: FOX43

YORK, Pa. — Workers for a property management group in York are hoping to help "brighten the block" in neighborhoods across the city.

"In the city, you have a lack of sense of worth," says Will Hicks, who lives on East Philadelphia Street. "You might not care about the porch, or sidewalk or trees."

Hick says it's easy for residents to get stuck in the weeds -- physically and metaphorically. 

Elite Property Management is trying to help.

"Seeing you guys give back like that... God bless you!" exclaimed Hicks, as he watched the property management group's employees working.

"This is the third 'brighten the block' event we've done -- the first of which we did on Princess, the second of which on North Queen," says Seth Gropp, president of Elite Property Management.

Over the years, Gropp says, the company has grown.

"We started as a real estate investment company," he says. "We've been a part of the change we've seen in York over the past 10 years, or at least we like to think we have. We've become more involved in the community, and we thought it would be good to give back."

They're focusing on places where people may not have the income or time to keep up with things.

"That's kind of the problem we face in the city," says Rich Spangler, a worker at Elite Property Management. "I can do my part for my property here, but if my neighbor isn't doing their part, it makes it hard to do my part."

Organizers hope their efforts instill a sense of pride and make things easier on the residents.

"It becomes too big of a task for just a few people, and I think that's why brightening the block is so helpful because it kind of helps reset that," says Spangler. "Then, it's much easier for them to maintain."

"I like to go out and talk to the homeless people and minister to them," adds Hicks. "When I saw Elite Property Management, they have signs all over the city, and they're all the time getting money from the city, but it's really good to see a business that has seen so much is willing to take and give their time back."

Organizers encourage people who see them out and about to join in on the effort.

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