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EMS crew delivers baby boy in the back of an ambulance

Mom Rachael Smith wasn't due until mid-November. But to her surprise, she gave birth early in the back of an ambulance with the help of EMS.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — Local mom Rachael Smith wasn't expecting to give birth in the back of an ambulance Friday. In fact, she wasn't expecting her baby boy to come for several more weeks as she wasn't due until November 13. 

'It was a big surprise," said Smith who gave birth in the ambulance Friday October 22nd at 7:08 am, just minutes after Northwest EMS arrived at her home.

Smith said she was planning to go into work Friday morning but she woke up in the middle of the night with back pain. She said she called a doctor around 5 am but she claims she was told she was likely not in active labor. Around 6:30 am, Smith said the pain increased and she called her mom who dialed 911. 

Northwest EMS Paramedic Brian Koons, EMT Colleen Bruckno, and Captain Michelle Shaffer were just blocks away on a different call when Smith's 911 request came in.

Northwest EMS rushed to Smith's home in East Donegal Township, Lancaster County and began driving her to Women's and Babies. They were nearly at the hospital when Smith gave birth in the back of the ambulance. 

"I think there's definitely a bond there now I didn't really see them at all Friday. I had my eyes closed a lot. There was a lot going on so it's nice to be able to see them and know who they are who helped bring this little one into the world," said Smith as two members of the EMS crew visited Smith Monday at her home to see the newborn.

For Northwest EMS member Colleen Bruckno the experience was even more special as she too is pregnant.

"It's definitely a more unique experience for me because I just found out I'm expecting my first," she said. "...and while it was a little shocking because that's what I'm in for it was a little surreal and a neat experience."

"Hopefully it didn't scare you," joked Smith to Bruckno when she found out Bruckno is also expecting. Smith smiled as she said at least her son has a fun birth story.

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