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Ahead of Give Local York, nonprofits stress there is a greater need in the York County community

With less than two weeks until York's biggest day of giving, local nonprofits are stressing the message that every little bit helps.

YORK, Pa. — With less than two weeks until York's biggest day of giving, non-profits are stressing the message that every little bit helps.

"It's extremely hard for everybody at this time," said Carleen Farabaugh, executive director for the York Benevolent Association. "Prices are going up for everyone. If everyone gives a small donation, it would help."

This year will make "Give Local York's," fifth debut in a row after communities raised $3.7 million in donations for local organizations.

The York Benevolent Association is one non-profit organization participating. Farabaugh says last year's efforts were able to aid in getting new, essential equipment which helped volunteers continue the job of donating high-quality food products.

In addition to food, the organization helps provide clothing, education, and other items.

"I tell everybody don't throw anything away, somebody here will use it," said Farabaugh, "So, when they're cleaning out, this is where they'll bring it.

Farabaugh says the need is greater than ever and after being with the association for more than a decade, she says things have not let up.

Shirlean Williams Santos is a regular volunteer at the York Benevolent Association and says her reason for helping is because she does not want to see anybody hungry and has learned the need to give at a young age.

"I didn't realize why my mom used to do it, my grandmom used to it," said William Santos, "We used to be mad at them, 'why we got to feed everybody?' but as you get older you learn, there's always somebody out there that needs something, that needs that extra help."

Farabaugh says the non-profit can always use volunteers and days of distribution are held every first, second, and third Tuesday of every month. To learn more information click here.

On May 6, from 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m., donors can visit this link to support local nonprofits in and around York County. The York Benevolent Association is just one of the organizations that will benefit from the day of giving. 

To learn more about the York Benevolent Association, check out the organization's website.

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