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'Absolutely ridiculous,' Drivers dismayed by latest Turnpike toll increase

Drivers are not thrilled after the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission approved toll increase for both E-ZPass and Toll by Plate customers.

For the 14th year in a row, toll prices are going up.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission approved a 5 percent toll increase for 2022.

"I am not happy about it, but it's better than not and having to pay cash," said Mike Patterson, Philadelphia.

The increase will affect E-ZPass and Toll by Plate users.

Turnpike officials call the 5 percent increase the lowest hike we've seen in six years.

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"They are raising gas taxes. They are raising highway taxes, and there's no limit to it. I find it, how would I say, extremely frustrating," said Austin Close, Allentown.

 E-ZPass customers will continue to pay the lowest toll rates, but even still, drivers with this hardware think the increase is ridiculous.

"I think it's absolutely ridiculous," Close said. "It's basically government approving and increase for the government."

Once these changes are implemented, the most common toll that passenger vehicles pay will go up from $1.60 to $1.70 for E-ZPass customers.

From $3.90 to $4.10 for Toll by Plate customers.

"I think the E-ZPass is a very good and economical solution to the jams over here at the toll booths. I mean, yeah, it's practical for sure. I don't even flinch or hesitate to continue to re-up with the E-ZPass," said Thomas Flood, Sellersville.

The toll hike on the Pennsylvania Turnpike will go into effect on January 2, 2022.