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Gas prices continue climb ahead of Memorial Day weekend

AAA of Central PA says more people could end up traveling by air due to gas prices

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Gas prices continue to make an upward climb, with seemingly no end in sight. 

Many Pennsylvania gas stations are now seeing prices hover around $4.70 a gallon, and residents are starting to feel the pinch.

“It’s impacted us real hard," says Wedjine of Waynesboro. "We actually drive from Pennsylvania to New York all the time, so $40 cannot even fill the tank for us. So, we have to increase that an extra $15.”

Despite the cost of gas continuing to eat into her family's budget, Wedjine says she won't be adjusting her driving habit. She says the driving she does from Pennsylvania to New York is essential.

“We plan on taking trips every two weeks or every three weeks. That’s how we take trips for medical appointments," she says.

Doni Lee Spiegel of AAA Central PA says gas prices are up 57 cents since last month and are up $1.61 from this time in 2021. She says the price hikes could change the mode of transportation for the 39.2 million projected travelers for Memorial Day.

“We’re seeing a smaller portion of those travelers travel by car, and the larger portion traveling by air," says Spiegel. "So, some people are making that switch based on the mode of transportation.”

One JPMorgan analyst predicted that gas prices could reach $6 per gallon by the summer.

Spiegel says the increase demand for travel, coupled with the switch to the summer blend of fuel, could cause gas prices to continue increasing at an unprecedented level.

“So, these prices are unprecedented right now and we’re not really sure how high it can go," Spiegel says.

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