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A new comic book is bringing attention to forgotten veterans

The comic "INVISIBLE" is meant to give a voice the often unseen homeless veteran community.

YORK, Pa. — Four people born into military families are using their creativity to bring light to a long-time problem in the veteran community.

The group of two authors, an artist and a publisher came together to produce the comic book "INVISIBLE."

Artist Jason Seaux, as well as authors Pat and Phil LaMarche had dads who served in the U.S. Navy. Publisher Chad Bruce's dad retired as a lieutenant colonel from the U.S. Army, according to a press release.

The comic’s starring superhero is a homeless veteran named Mack, who has the titular power of invisibility. 

Phil LaMarche says that Mack’s invisibility has grounding in real life, because “if an unhoused vet wants to stay hidden, you definitely won't see him. People don't really see folks on the street anyway. But these guys know how to take cover and hide."

Pat LaMarche says that the creation of a homeless superhero wasn’t just by chance, it was meant to help connect with readers that may feel alone in a similar situation.

“Kids experiencing homelessness need to see that it's so common that it's in a book. Veterans experiencing homelessness need to not be the pariah of the community, they need to see that they're superheroes," said Pat LaMarche.

Seaux says that "INVISIBLE" is something different than an average comic book.

“I thought we could bring awareness and it's not a traditional comic book. Comic books are generally pretty cookie cutter and "INVISIBLE" is so far out of the norm,” says Seaux, "Heroes come, I think, in a lot of forms really. And homelessness can happen to really anyone especially in the veteran community."

The book launches nationwide on Veteran's Day, Nov. 21, with all of the profits from the comic book will benefit veteran organizations.

Donors also have the option to purchase 20 copies of the book, and send it to any VA clinic of their choice.

Find out more about "INVISIBLE" here.

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