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York County bus driver honored for 50 years of service

George Rumsey is now 80 years old and says he has no plan to retire anytime soon.

YORK, Pa. — If you love your job, it'll never feel like work!  That's what one 80-year-old from York County said about his 50 years of service driving a school bus.  

George Rumsey has lived in East York his entire life and at the age of 30, he decided to switch careers to bus driving.  His hard work and decades of dedication were recognize recently during a Reliance Student Transportation safety meeting in the York Suburban Lot.  

Rumsey says a lot has changed over the years. " If you didn't drive a stick shift you couldn't drive a bus, but now everything is automatic, power steering air brakes, it's very easy, like driving a station wagon or something like that," he laughed.

However, what got him interested in the job back then, is the same that keeps him there today.  The kids!   "I enjoy driving the school bus and I liked being around the kids, I thought I could teach the kids something and they could teach me something. The pay is good, the guy I work for is a very good guy, so I'm still here," Rumsey said.

He drove generations of families to and from school in the York Suburban School District and his dedication over the years hasn't gone unnoticed.  He was recently recognized for his years of service during a special Reliance transportation meeting, where they also gave Rumsey and his wife a surprise vacation. Jen Kline is Rumsey's manager and has worked with him for years. 

"He is just a kind man. Very helpful, I am so blessed to have George and I'm so proud and honored for the 50 years and that he is still staying,"  Kline said. 

 If you ask him how much longer he is going to work, he said he doesn't have any desire to retire just yet.  

"My license is up in May of 2021, so I'm not sure. If my health holds up, we'll see what happens," he smiled.  Until that day, though, he'll keep on rolling along.

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