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107th Pennsylvania Farm Show wraps up

2023 didn't take long to hit a high. We're looking back at all the action from this year's Pennsylvania Farm Show.

HARRISBURG, Pa. — The 107th Pennsylvania Farm Show came to a close Saturday afternoon in Harrisburg, and what a week it was.

It didn't take long for organizers of the 107th Pennsylvania Farm Show to start buttering up residents. In fact, it started before the show opened with unveiling of the 2023 butter sculpture.

There's no need to spin it, the Pennsylvania Farm Show helps weave the commonwealth together. 

The week was in full swing by the time the square dancing started.
Whether on toes or tires, it was sure to turn heads and axles.

If the fancy frames didn't meet your expectations, the meat might've.
Perhaps you preferred something a little sweeter. Try those milkshakes -- I dairy you.

Full glasses mean full stomachs for families in need, as the Fill a Glass with Hope Initiative raised more than $200,000.

"It doesn't always have to be big corporations donating hundreds of dollars. individuals can give just pennies and it helps families in need," said Dave Smith, Pennsylvania Dairymen's Association executive director.

You might have thought it was sheer luck if you ran into Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Champion, Torrey Smith. In fact, it may have been enough to make you say whoopie pie.

"The flavor is important and that filling in the middle," said Diana Bissett, volunteer for the Family Living Department. "You want that to be very creamy and tasteful and you don't want your whoopie pie to be dry. Has to have to have some moisture to it."

Early bird or not, you could still find the latest in farming technology on display.

"We've got folks who live in the city and are learning what the Forage Harvester does, or how a utility tractor is used around a property," said Jessica Darr of Forrester Farm Equipment.

While this year's farm show set the bar high, expect more growth in 2024.

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