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Lancaster County man accused of repeatedly spanking employee, then offering to give her a raise

Update, Tuesday (4:45 p.m.): Kwality Co. Wholesale co-owner Robert Hostetter emailed the following statement to FOX43: “When I was made aware of the terri...

Update, Tuesday (4:45 p.m.): Kwality Co. Wholesale co-owner Robert Hostetter emailed the following statement to FOX43:

“When I was made aware of the terrible actions of Aaron Redcay, I immediately escorted him from the premises.  Aaron was banned from the premises and from having any contact at all with any employees.  He is barred from doing any business at all on behalf of the company and his employment was terminated.  I do not support or condone his actions in any way, and I fully support the employee/victim through this terrible time.”

Original Story:

LANCASTER COUNTY — Police have charged a 27-year-old Ephrata man with indecent assault after he allegedly slapped a female coworker in the buttocks and pulled money from her back pocket during a November 2019 incident.

Aaron Robert Redcay, of the 600 block of Pointview Avenue, was charged on Dec. 31 after an investigation of allegations brought by the victim on Nov. 20, according to Ephrata Borough Police.

The victim reported that Redcay, co-owner of Kwality Co. Wholesale on the first block of New Street, slapped her buttocks on the afternoon of Nov. 8, while she was working there, according to the criminal complaint affidavit.

The victim said that at about 3 p.m. on the day of the incident, Redcay asked her to accompany him to an upper floor of the business so he could teach her to perform a new task, police say. No other employees were invited, and when they got to the second floor of the business, no other employees were present, the victim reported.

Redcay allegedly showed the victim how to do the task, then told her they needed to sort bins of merchandise. After a short time, the victim said, she was leaning over one of the bins when Redcay slapped her on the buttocks.

The victim told police she was stunned at what happened, and did not know what to say or do because Redcay was her boss, according to the complaint. She reported feeling uncomfortable with the situation, and tried to go downstairs. Redcay allegedly forced her to accompany him in the elevator instead of using the stairs, which the victim said would have been her preference, police say.

In spite of her discomfort, the victim told police she returned upstairs with Redcay later that afternoon at his request. Before she went back upstairs, the victim said, she met with her boyfriend, who arrived at the business to drop off $400 so she could pay bills after work. The victim told police she resumed sorting items, once again alone with Redcay.

As she leaned over a bin a second time, Redcay allegedly reached into her back pocket and removed the money she’d been given, jokingly telling her “you’re going to lose this; I’ll hold onto it.”

The victim told police she took the money back and returned it to her pocket, but Redcay removed it two more times before she finally transferred the cash to her front pocket instead.

Shortly after that, the victim reported to police, Redcay slapped her buttocks again. This time, the victim told police, she responded by pushing him and directing him to quit touching her. She then finished her task and told Redcay she was leaving for the day, the victim told police.

The victim told police she tried to avoid Redcay the next time she was at work, but a few days later he insisted she accompany him back up to the second floor of the business, police say. The victim told police she reluctantly complied.

Once they were alone, Redcay allegedly told the victim he “has a problem” and “doesn’t like being the way he is.”

The victim reported Redcay told her he likes to spank women’s buttocks, and does so for sexual gratification, according to police. He allegedly asked the victim if she could use extra money and offered to pay her if she would let him spank her, the victim told police.

Redcay allegedly told the victim he finds women on Craigslist and pays them to allow such acts, police say.

The victim told police that since the incident occurred, she had received text messages from Redcay expressing regret for making her feel uncomfortable, according to the complaint. Redcay allegedly told the victim “I’m not violent or anything.”

In a text sent to the victim on Nov. 16, Redcay allegedly asked the victim not to tell the company’s co-owner what had happened. He allegedly claimed he could convince the co-owner to increase the victim’s salary, police say.