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Defenders Q&A: Can you get COVID-19 from takeout or delivery?

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AUSTIN, Texas — We know there's a lot to take in about the coronavirus crisis. That's why the KVUE Defenders are taking your questions every night.

Question: How can I find the COVID-19 rates for Caldwell County?

Answer: Caldwell County has it's own COVID-19 dashboard, as many counties do. Right now it shows 78 current cases in Caldwell County.

The Texas Department of State Health Services also has a COVID-19 dashboard where you can check COVID-19 statistics including total positive test counts, recoveries, fatalities, demographics and more.

Question: Can I get COVID-19 from delivery or takeout food?

Answer: According to the CDC, that is not likely.

Coronavirus is generally spread from person to person. It may be possible to get it by touching a surface or object that has been contaminated with the virus and then touching your mouth, nose or eyes.

It is a good reminder to thoroughly wash your hands, especially if you deliver food.


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Question: If a member of a household tests positive for COVID-19, do other family members need to isolate from their job?

Answer: The CDC recommends you and your family isolate and self-quarantine for 14 days.

The infected family member should remain isolated in a separate room and have limited or no contact with other family members and pets for 14 days. You are also recommended to check for COVID-19 symptoms, take your temperature at least twice daily, and clean and disinfect all surfaces in your home daily.


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