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Zoombalicious | Combining cardio and community into one

Bringing the Harrisburg community together through dance fitness, Zoombalicious is taking south-central Pa. by storm!

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Bringing the Harrisburg community together through dance fitness, Zoombalicious is taking south-central Pa. by storm!

After getting ZUMBA certified in 2011, Sandy Johnson and Charisse Grayer created the class Zoomblaicious in 2012, combining classic ZUMBA routines with hip hop, health and wellness and, on occasion, TikTok trends.

“We give it zing, we give it zazz, you know? We don’t just Zoom we Zoomba,” said Charisse Grayer, instructor and Zoombalicious ambassador.   

More than just choreography, Zoombalicious is not like other fitness classes!   

“They care about us as family, as sisters,” said Dennise Hill, a Zoombalicious participant.

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. the group gets together at Foose Elementary in Harrisburg for class. Dancing to hip hop and incorporating classic aerobic moves to get a full body and cardio workout.

Several "ZZ4Lifer’s" have experienced life-changing weight loss, mental health benefits and love the support from the group.  

“You’re going to have your bad days. You’re going to have your good days. So, that’s the support part, the mental part." said Grayer.

"I need it, it’s my mental,” said Tina Hymon, participant of Zoombalicious.

Hymon mentioned that this class is like therapy, and gives her an opportunity to release the day.

“You are [also] connecting to the community, connecting with other women and you feel good afterward,” said Audrey Acosta, another Zoombalicious participant. 

Everyone at any fitness level is welcome to try the class. Be ready to fill out a waiver upon first arrival and to give a $5 cash donation at the door, then you’re ready to get grooving! 

Instructors encourage you to go at your own pace the first couple of classes but know that they have both high-impact and low-impact opportunities.  

“Most people come to class for the energy, they want the energy, they want the high-impact, but we also have low-impact. We want people to be comfortable. Be encouraged, [and] don’t be discouraged because you don’t get the routine the first time. That’s okay,” said Grayer.   

“Don’t worry about your image, first come to get healthy, and get the experience. If you do not know the routines keep coming and you’ll get the routines down, because it’s fun and everyone here will embrace you,” said Brandi Cotton, Zoombalicious participant. 

Cotton also mentioned that she prefers a dance class over going to the gym, because she says that it's much more fun.

“Keep it moving, until you can’t move no more. I mean that’s the bottom line, keep moving, keep moving, keep it moving,” said Grayer.

“Thank God for Zoombalicious, I am here today because of God and Zoombalicious,” said Gloria Ravenel, participant of Zoombalicious.

For more information head over to the Zoombalicious Facebook page or Instagram account.  

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