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Wrist Mobility | FOX43 FitMinute

Have you ever felt a strain in your wrists when working out? York JCC Trainers have a few stretches that can help in this week's FOX43 FitMinute!

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — A lot of times people think when they are doing planks, heavy lifting or pushups, that their wrists hurt because they are weak, but the strain can actually be attributed to wrist flexibility.

In this week's FOX43 FitMintue, Susannah Gillespie, personal trainer at the York County JCC will show us a few moves to help stretch the wrist out!

“We just don’t do a lot with our wrists. Our hands are [placed] here because we are typing or resting, [or on the] steering wheel. We are not actively moving those hands backwards so if you are not actively working on it you are always kind of loosing the ability to work with it,” said Gillespie. 

Gillespie says to start with your hands and knees on the ground or mat, with your fingertips pointing forwards. 

"Here we are just going to gently rock forward and back. You can start with one inch and you can go as big as you want, just to build that movement,” said Gillespie.  

Next up, keep the same knee position but turn your fingertips outward towards the side. Gillespie then says to shift from left to right, to feel the stretch. 

“[The] third step, we turn it [fingertips] all the way in and then just a very gentle lean back we are not going to do a lot of dynamic movement here just a little stretch. You’re going to feel that all under the forearm which is really nice,” said Gillespie.

Last but not least, bring fingertip to fingertip. Gillespie says to circle over the top of the wrists, starting the circle one way, and then going in the opposite direction. 

Grab a mat and give these stretches a try, and let us know how you do!

You just got better!

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