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What makes mosquitoes more attracted to some than others

Summer is setting in, so many will be in search of the best repellants to keep unwanted visitors away. Here's what you need to know to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — Pesky pests are on the move in Pennsylvania and across the country, as the summer sun and higher temperatures arrive.

Candles and sprays can help keep the bugs away, but did you know mosquitoes consider some people a "tastier treat" than others?

It’s true! 

Certain factors might make you more "appetizing" than the person sitting right next to you.

Abbey LeCompete, a certified registered nurse practitioner with WellSpan Urgent Care, says a person’s blood type, scent, and how much carbon dioxide they exhale can make them a target.

Recent research also shows alcohol consumption and even certain color clothing can make you ripe for bites.

“Alcohol definitely adds more sugar to the blood, it actually also dehydrates you and that can cause you to emit more carbon dioxide when you are breathing, which in turn causes you to be more susceptible to be bit by mosquitos,” LeCompete explained.   

First, try using a repellant that includes DEET. 

Then, avoid wearing sweet-smelling perfumes or dark clothing, remove standing water from your property, and try heading indoors during dusk or dawn, when the most bites happen.

Experts say to consider reducing your alcohol intake during those peak bite times too.

“If you do get a mosquito bite wash it with gentle soap. You can apply an ice pack and then use an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream to help the itching, the redness, [and] the swelling,” LeCompete said.

LeCompete says other options include taking an over-the-counter oral antihistamine from your local drugstore to reduce itching.

If you or someone you know experiences more severe symptoms feel free to consult a WellSpan healthcare professional or make an appointment with your provider. 

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