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Trying out Power Up at PA Fitness in York Township

Looking for a fun, easy and accessible way to incorporate weight lifting into your workout? FOX43's Ally Debicki shows us one class at PA Fitness, take a look!

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — Power Up at PA Fitness at Queensgate is a 45-minute to 1-hour class focused on weight training. 

Ryan Forte, a PA Fitness instructor, says that she designs the class to hit every muscle group, each paired with its own song and choreography. 

"There is a lot of theatre built into our leader, she has a lot of animation that makes it fun," said Dave Mackenzie, a Power Up participant. 

Mackenzie has been a Power Up participant for 9 years and has seen immense benefits from the class's strength training.

"I have double knee replacements and I was able to get rehab and came here to get my strength back. And in that process, I was able to climb Mount Rainier. I ice-climbed it and that was in large part because of the class. I got my strength back, and got my range of motion, and flection and extension and all that," said Mackenzie.

All fitness levels are welcome and the needed weights, mats, towels and equipment are provided. Forte recommends that newer Power Up attendees try a lighter weight at the beginning to get a feel for the class. 

"It can go from beginners where we start off light. Show them the moves so that way they can try it and see where their selection is going to be at or if they are a lifter, and they are coming in, then they can still try light and then move up. It's all based on the dynamic of their workouts that they do already," said Forte.

Other participants say that they love their PA Fitness Power Up "Fit Family" and find it much more motivating to work alongside each other during class than when working out on their own. 

"It’s just a lot more motivating to take fitness classes. When I come by myself, I am easy on myself, it's just better to get a harder workout when you are with other people," said Khelsea Borror, a Power Up participant. 

Borror also mentioned the benefit of child care at PA Fitness Queensgate, which enables her to attend Power Up frequently and easily. 

Forte has a very hands-on approach to teaching the class, and works with each attendee to hit their individual goals. 

"Each person has their own difficulties, and we tend to try to figure out what those are and their strength and weaknesses, so that we know if this person can continue to go up or down with their weight selection. That’s what I am here for is to encourage mental health strength fitness it is all here," said Forte. 

To attend Power Up and other PA Fitness Classes at Queensgate, contact the gym to sign up for their Elite Membership. 

For PA Fitness's full class schedule click here.

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