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Trying Aqua Fit with PA Fitness at York Galleria

Splash into fitness at this York County aquatic class! It brings aerobics to the pool for those who may experience joint pain.

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — FOX43 heads to PA Fitness's York Galleria location to try out an aquatic class, that brings aerobics to the pool all year round!

Aqua Fit is an aerobic-style class, all performed in the pool. The instructor, Amber Hewitt, is certified in group fitness and Aqua Fit, and calls this class her happy place.

“The ladies and the men, they are just wonderful," she says. "They make you feel welcome, everyone is willing to help. And you just have to know that no one is judging you."  

The class is also full of benefits for all skill levels.

“It's really good on your joints and your muscles, so I always tell everyone if you are really sore get in the pool because it’ll just soften everything," Hewitt says. "Help everything, stretch everything. You can move in ways that you can’t out on the land."

The anti-gravity effect experienced when working in the water helps to deepen a stretch, and also makes every move low impact.

You'll still be working hard, especially depending on the foam weights you select, but for those who may experience joint discomfort or who have had surgery, this exercise won't exacerbate your pain. 

“A number of our members had knee replacements and they are fine in there. Some of them are getting knee replacements, some of them have had shoulder surgery or are getting shoulder replacements, so you can do that as a recovery,” said Hewitt.  

This class is great to mix into regular gym visits or cardio on land. 

Sharon Giesler has been doing Aqua Fit for two years and absolutely loves the class.  

“My health is so much better, I’m on no meds, I feel like I’m 39. It makes you feel so good, it strengthens your core, it’s a great workout,” said Giesler.

She also says to take each move at your own pace, and that no matter what you're feeling in the pool that day, the class and the community created by it are there to support you! 

To join in the fun, you'll need to be a PA Fitness Elite Member or can have Silver Sneakers as an option on your insurance. Then make sure to bring clothes or a bathing suit to wear in the pool, a towel, and supplies to shower and change after the class. 

For a full class schedule and more information about Aqua Fit with Amber click here

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