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What happened in health news this week? | Health Smart

A look at three of the top health stories in the news from the last week to keep you Health Smart.


Compound found in "magic mushrooms" might help treat depression 

A new study said a naturally-occurring compound found in psilocybin mushrooms, or "magic mushrooms," can reduce depression symptoms.

Researchers in London studied several hundred people who were unsuccessfully treated by two anti-depressants. They found that using the compound seemed to better improve their mental health. 

Researchers now want larger trials with more participants and the use of placebos to confirm their results further.

Hops may help prevent Alzheimer's Disease 

A study funded by the Italian government said hops, which are the flowers of a plant used to help beer's fruity or bitter flavoring, can help prevent Alzheimer's Disease.

The scientists said hops have compounds that prevent harmful proteins from clumping in the brain. 

Research showed one particular hop, used in lagers and light ales, had the most success in preventing Alzheimer's issues. 

When to brush: before or after breakfast?

To brush or not to brush... before breakfast, that is!  

Some experts recommend brushing right after you wake up because that's when bacteria levels in your mouth are at their peak. 

Other experts say brushing after breakfast means you reduce the amount of food lingering in your mouth throughout the day. However, brushing immediately after eating could potentially weaken your tooth enamel, especially if you have had something acidic like orange juice.

Most dentists agree that the best time to brush truly is whenever you're most likely to stick with it every day.

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