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Tips for the perfect pull-up | FOX43 FitMinute

Pull-ups can be one of the hardest, but most rewarding, workout moves to execute. York JCC trainer Danny give us tips to build our muscles up to more reps!

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — Pull-ups can definitely be a doozey, but there are more ways than you think to incorporate them into a more beginner style workout. 

Danny Amon, coach and personal fitness manager at the York Jewish Community Center, shows off a few tips to help better execute the exercise and options for all levels! 

Amon says that the pull-up is one of the best full body movements to incorporate into a workout and the next time you do one, you can try these tips out.

"The first thing I like to tell people, keep your core as tight as possible. That keeps you in a ridged line and keeps your body from flailing as you do the move," said Amon. 

"Second thing, elbow should be slightly in front of the shoulders. Elbows out in front tends to be a very safe position that you can execute and not have any problems down the road," said Amon.

When it comes to form one last thing to remember is not to hunch over when performing the pull-up.

"Either reach your chin up as you feel that strain start to hit or you can think about pulling your elbows into to your sides. That’ll also give you the same effect," said Amon. 

Beginners, if hopping straight up to the pull-up bar is a little out of reach, try incorporating some form of assistance while doing the exercise. 

"A band is a great way to add some assistance to the movement. Allow you to do it through the full range, and get a feel for what its like while still being able to complete it for repetitions and build you up to that one rep," said Amon.

Pick the right band for your skill level. The weight of the band, or how loose or tight it is, depends on how much support felt as the body lifts up, and lowers down. If not sure, ask a trainer or try a few reps with a few different elastic band weights. 

"In addition to the elastic bands is a negative pull up. [A trainer will] get you up into this position and you just lower yourself down. That one will really teach you how it is to hold on to your full body weight," said Amon.

If you are doing a partner workout, or a trainer is near by, they may also be able to support the participant by holding on to their feet during the move as well. 

Give it a try with or without assistance depending on the skill level, and let FOX43 know what you think! 

If you have any fitness question, or need help with a specific exercise send us an email at adebicki@fox43.com. 

You just got better! 

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