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Tech continues to help your fitness journey

From wearable trackers to phone apps, ever-evolving technology can help you reach your fitness goals.

YORK, Pa. — In the always advancing world of fitness, there are classes, exercises, and performance centers for just about everything you need. 

As the technology around us evolves, it's also producing instant feedback on pretty much everything.

"Obviously the iWatches are a huge thing, said Heritage Hills Athletics Club General Manager Matt Schaffer.  "It's really just tracking your steps and tracking your overall fitness in general."

"They do wear them in here, or their Fitbit, because it does tell them their calorie burn, how long they've worked out, and stuff like that," added Heritage Hills Athletic Club Fitness Director Becky Gibney.  "So people are still really utilizing them, we're just helping them out and motivating and pushing them to use them."

There are endless amounts of apps available on your phone, though be careful as most are subscription-based or hold certain features for quote 'premium members.'

Yet, some of the most recommended applications in 2022 aren't for when you're working out.  In fact, they're for when you're not moving at all.

"One thing I really like is the sleep trackers," added Schaeffer.  "I think that's something that can really help because let's face it, we're not sleeping well.  A lot of us are not sleeping well.  So I think with the sleep trackers, there's definitely potential there and really gauging what your habits are, how you can fix this, and how it can improve your day."

If the phone is too bulky, there are even companies out there that market wearable rings that can provide feedback on your sleep, heart rate, body temperature, and more.

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