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Little movements with a big burn | FitMinute

Little movements experienced during a barre class can really cause a good burn! We try a few out in this week's FOX43 FitMinute, take a look.

YORK, Pa. — In this week's FOX43 FitMinute Susannah Gillespie, personal trainer at the York JCC, shows off some barre moves that participants could see in class or use at home! 

Gillespie says that these exercises will work the entire posterior chain, starting from the top all the way down to the toes.  

Grab a chair, a countertop, or a bar, to hold on to. If you have an amazing sense of balance, some may not need added support from these items! 

Gillespie says to place your hands gently on whatever you are holding like you are playing a silent piano. 

"Then we are going to walk our hips back until our hips are directly on top of our feet. Look at a spot on the floor right beneath your nose and we are going to pick a leg and slide it back," Gillespie said. 

After that begin to lift and lower the chosen leg.

"You might want to do a couple of inches up, you may like to sweep all the way up and down, and then you can play with it. All these little movements we are isolating in the leg, and that is where all of the work is happening, so you can do lifts, you can do pulses, you can do circles," Gillespie said.

The possibilities are endless and remember that you just got better!

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