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Learning about the Lat Pull Down | FOX43 FitMinute

Common mistakes can develop when trying to use machines at the gym. In this week's FitMinute York JCC trainers show us how to perfect the Lat pull down!
Credit: WPMT FOX43

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — To continue to promote safety and proper form in the gym, Megan Anderson, fitness center coordinator and personal trainer with the York JCC taught us how to perfect the Lat Pull Down in this week's FOX43 FitMinute.  

Before beginning, make sure that the Lat portion is adjusted and the chosen weight is set. Now grab the overhead attachment in neutral grip. That means grabbing hold of the outer handles with palms facing inward. From here take a seat and make sure the pads fit comfortably on the lap. 

"Now from here I am going to slightly lean back [and] I am going to bring my elbows out to 45 degrees pulled down, bringing the attachment down below my collar bone and right above my chest. I am feeling my Lat muscles being engaged, I am not feeling much of my arms, it’s all down the side of my back,” Anderson said. 

She reminds that it's important to keep the elbows out to a 45 degree angle to emphasize the movement and strength in the Lat's. If done incorrectly, participants may be working the biceps or other parts of their arms instead of the desired result. 

“This [move] can help improve major lifts like your dead lift. It can help with back strength if you are having back pain, [and] it can also help with just your posture in general,” Anderson said. 

Feel free to try the machine when you head to the gym or JCC next time. If you need help trainers on staff can assist in the set up of the machine. 

You just got better!

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