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Learning about Orangetheory Fitness in Harrisburg

Many may have seen the glow of the orange sign from the street, but have you ever given the fitness class a try? FOX43's Ally Debicki gives us a look inside.

DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. — What makes Orangetheory Fitness in Harrisburg different in the fitness space?

“We do one-hour, full-body group fitness workouts. You’ll split time between treadmills, rowers and a strength floor to encourage a good cardiovascular and strength response from your exercise," said Felicia Frickx, head coach of Orangetheory Fitness in Harrisburg.   

The big difference is using heart rate monitor technology.  

“We target specific heart rate zones, to ensure that every member gets the most [out] of their workout. We have zones that range from just a resting level all the way up to a max effort. Your coach will call out what zone to strive for in different work efforts,” said Frickx.  

Monitors are provided on the equipment and around the room to zero in on the heart rate zone to better adjust the workout.

The heart rate monitor tracks total calories burned, average heart rate and how many minutes you spend in each zone, as well as your steps and total distance achieved on the treadmill and rower. 

That complete summary gets sent through email after class and can be used to track progress over time.  

The class is split into two groups. Half of the class will start on the treadmill, half will start on the rower and floor. Midway through the workout, members swap to finish the class.   

“So you get a good mix and you’re not spending too long at one area,” said Frickx. 

Beginners will get a full rundown 30 minutes ahead of time. After meeting with an Orangetheory staff member and the coach leading the class, they will gather a brief medical history and go over any goals or obstacles the member may want to achieve or could be facing. 

"Then we will get you fitted for your heart rate monitor. Your coach will then take you into the studio and will walk you through how to use each piece of equipment and what to expect,” said Frickx.  

They also go over each heart rate zone and what your baseline may be based on previous experience. 

“The [classes] keep you moving [and] they keep you steady. The instructors are really great,” Will Carroll, Orangetheory Fitness Founding Member.  

Carroll noticed benefits after coming to the classes during his retirement.  

“I come more frequently, three to four days a week, and I have lost probably 40 pounds, I came here when it first opened. It keeps me motivated and realizing that this should help longevity, ” said Carroll.  

He hopes to inspire others to get up and give it a try! 

“When you first come in here, you're kinda like, 'wow what did I get into?' Then you keep coming back though because you get addicted. If you are really into yourself and fitness you automatically get up and say I got to go,” said Carroll.  

Frickx says that the Orangetheory classes are always evolving. They say this helps to create a well-rounded workout, focused on strength, power and endurance, that can translate into everyday life. 

Some of the benefits of consistently taking the classes, in addition to weight loss, include better sleep, increased energy daily, a more positive mood due to endorphin release and better body composition.

Orangetheory Fitness will be opening another location in Mechanicsburg later this season. For more information about memberships, and current classes click here

To keep up with them on social media search @otfharrisburg on Instagram or click here

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