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JCC Momentum Program | FOX43 FitMinute

It can be hard to build up strength when battling a neurological disorder, but the JCC has four PWR moves that will help!

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — For those who may have neurological disorders, it can be hard to build strength. That's why the York JCC has its Momentum Program! 

This program offers four PWR! Moves and is designed to help no matter the severity of the symptoms experienced by the participants. 

“Our momentum program is tailored to those who have Parkinson’s or any neurological disorder. We have those with M.S., [and] aphasia. These movements are really good to just help them with posture, balance and weight shift, that kind of thing,” said Megan Anderson, a JCC Fitness Coordinator and personal trainer. 

They also help to build confidence in everyday functions. 

Move 1 is the PWR! Up. This move is an antigravity extension, that helps to open up the chest of those doing the exercise. 

Move 2 is PWR! Rock. This move works to balance as you shift weight from foot to foot. It can really help prep the muscle for at-home life and grabbing things off the shelves. 

Move 3 is the PWR! Twist. This enhances axial movement or spine mobility. 

Move 4 is the PWR! Step. This move helps with body transitioning. It helps to build strength in the legs to help lift them over objects or pets on the floor. 

Depending on the comfort level of the participant, exercises may be performed seated or standing during the program. 

If you or someone you know may benefit from the program, click here for more information!

You just got better!

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