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An effective at home workout for the holidays | FOX43 FitMinute

Traveling or finding extra family time is making it hard to hit the gym? JCC Trainer Danny has three moves you can do anywhere, to meet your daily workout goals!

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — Finding it hard to sneak in a daily workout around the holidays because of travel or extra time with family? York Jewish Community Center coach and personal trainer manager, Danny Amon, has the answer! 

"We are going to do three moves that you can do at your house, [or] anywhere you happen to be for the holidays. You are going to get an intense workout and get it done quickly," said Amon.  

He says the first exercise is one of his favorites and is easily added to an at-home workout because you don't need any equipment. 

"It’s also good as a stretch, [and] that’s called a Walk Out. So it’s very simple, it's exactly what it sounds like. You are going to put your hands on the ground, and you’re going to walk them out into a full plank position and from there we can progress into the next exercise we are going to do," said Amon. 

After 10 reps or 30 seconds of walking out and walking back in to a full standing position, head back to the plank and get ready for move number two!

"Now we are either going to go into a push-up from the knees or push-up from the full plank position," said Amon. 

Both are great, it's just up to your skill level and form. For more information on push-ups click here. After 5 to 10 reps or 30 seconds of push-ups, you'll be on to your final move of the circuit. 

"[Lastly], I would go right into either a squat, or if you are a little more advanced a squat jump. [The squat jump] is a great movement that will now create a full body effect from these three movements," said Amon. 

Squatting focuses on depth, so try 10 to 12 repetitions. While doing the squat jump focus on hitting your maximum height when jumping and either do 10 to 12 repetitions or time it for 30 seconds.

Amon reminds participants the importance of not hyper-fixating on burning calories when working out around the holidays, and to find an exercise you love. 

"Don’t guilt yourself over what you are eating, this is a time when you should be feeling good. You’re celebrating with family. Then let your workout be something you enjoy. It’s going to add to the quality of your life and not be a punishment," said Amon. 

He also says it's good to keep a consistent workout routine and allow the other benefits of exercise like stress reduction and the release of endorphins to shine through. 

Happy holidays from FOX43, and the trainers at the JCC. You just got better!

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