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Dealing with the rise of hepatitis in children, with Dr. Vinitha Moopen

Dr. Vinitha Moopen, of WellSpan Family and Pediatric Medicine at Rothsville, discussed the over 100 cases of hepatitis in kids recently discovered across 25 states.

ROTHSVILLE, Pa. — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is currently investigating cases of unexplained hepatitis in kids. To date, over 100 cases have been discovered in 25 states, including here in Pennsylvania.

Dr. Vinitha Moopen, of WellSpan Family and Pediatric Medicine at Rothsville, joined FOX43 on May 10 to discuss how parents can help protect their children.

She spoke about what parents should know about the cases of hepatitis in kids, how worried they should be, what symptoms they should be looking out for in their children, and if there is a link between COVID-19 and hepatitis.

Dr. Moopen said to first, be calm.

"What they (parents) need to keep in mind is that it (hepatitis) is still exceedingly rare," she told FOX43. "But just know that this is happening, it kind of came out of the blue, but they should just keep the signs and symptoms in the back of their minds." 

Some of these signs and symptoms, she says, include many of the same symptoms of a common cold: fever, abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. 

"What you want to look out for are worsening symptoms or if they're not getting any better," Dr. Moopen said. Look out for dark urine, clay-colored stools, and lethargy. In more severe cases, jaundice can form. 

In terms of prevention, Dr. Moopen says to wash your hands, keep away from those that are sick, and get your children their vaccines. 

To hear more of what Dr. Moopen had to say, check out the clip above.

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