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What happened in health news this week? | Health Smart

Here's a look at the top three health headlines from the week to keep you Health Smart.

YORK, Pa. —

Study: How long you breastfeed your child may impact their test scores 

Researchers in the United Kingdom say how long you breastfeed your child could affect how well they perform on tests in school.

In a new study, they tracked about 5,000 kids from their infancy to their senior year of high school and compared the students' test results.  

Researchers found children who were breastfed for at least a year were 39% more likely to receive high math and English test scores, compared to those who were never breastfed. 

Researchers say their findings only show a link between breastfeeding and test scores and nothing else.

FDA allows imports of cancer drug from China 

The Food and Drug Administration has given a Chinese drug maker permission to ship a commonly used chemotherapy drug to the U.S.

The drug is administered by injection to treat testicular, lung, bladder, cervical and ovarian cancers. 

The American Cancer Society says the shortage has become serious and even life-threatening.

United States falling behind other nations as life expectancy nosedives

A new study found that the life expectancy for Americans is falling behind dozens of countries, including Lebanon, the Czech Republic and Cuba.

The findings were published in "The American Journal of Public Health" and show Americans' life expectancy began to slow starting in the 1950s. Right now, the average life expectancy for a United States resident is under 77 years old, compared to the average life span of a Japanese citizen, which is 85 years old.

Experts say drug abuse, lack of healthcare and gun violence can be credited for the lower life expectancy.

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