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What happened in health news this week? | Health Smart

Here's a look at the top three health headlines from the week to keep you Health Smart.

YORK, Pa. —

AI model to help scientists predict whether breast cancer will spread

Cancer specialists in Great Britain say they've developed an artificial intelligence model to help predict whether aggressive cancers will spread based on changes in a patient's lymph nodes. 

Researchers say the AI analyzes immune responses of women with triple negative breast cancer. They tested the model on more than 5,000 lymph nodes donated by roughly 350 patients. 

The team is planning more tests across Europe. 

Coffee makes workers feel more productive

A recent survey of 2,000 people shows workers feel like they need drinks in their work environment to be fully productive. 

Hot coffee was the most-preferred drink by 64% of respondents, followed by iced coffee, water and flavored water. Seventy-seven percent of coffee drinkers said they needed two or more cups of coffee to work optimally.

Eight in 10 people said free beverages at work helped them feel valued, and it was the most-requested perk to get workers to come back to an office setting.

Those who exercise more could have higher pain tolerances

A new study shows that your ability to handle high amounts of pain may be related to how much you exercise.

Scientists in Norway did two rounds of studies on 10,000 people. Those with higher levels of activity had higher pain tolerance than those with inactive lives.

The study suggests even boosting levels of activity slightly showed the person having a higher pain tolerance. 

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