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What happened in health news this week? | Health Smart

A look at three of the top health-related stories in the news from the last week to keep you Health Smart.

YORK, Pa. —

Finances can affect mental health

A new study finds how you manage your finances can affect your mental health. Researchers in Ireland analyzed data from more than two-thousand adults.  Participants had to answer questions regarding  how confident they felt with their finances and questions about depression and anxiety. Researchers found that 24 percent of the participants that reported having financial struggles had higher levels of depression and anxiety compared to those who didn't. 

Tips for dealing with fall allergies

Fall has arrived and it was kind enough to bring back those dreaded fall allergies with it! Doctors say mold and pollen levels are high in the fall, but there are several allergy treatments out there that can help.  They recommend nasal sprays or antihistamines to relieve the watery eyes, stuffy or runny nose, itchiness, and sneezing. They also suggest spending less time outdoors and closing the windows in your homes.

What people would give up to improve their health 

A new survey reveals some of the things that people would give up to improve their health.  The survey by "Restore Hyper Wellness" and "Wakefield Research" of two-thousand adults found more than half would give up their store-bought cup of coffee to continue to afford their current health and wellness activities. One in three people revealed they would ditch their cable and streaming services to keep their health and wellness plan intact.  The data also shows millennials believe it's best to start focusing on proactive wellness in their early or mid-twenties.

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