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What happened in health news this week? | Health Smart

Here's a look at the top three health headlines from the week to keep you Health Smart.

YORK, Pa. —

Artificial sweeteners may do more harm than good

Authorities say a recent report suggests long-term use of artificial sweeteners does not reduce body fat and could actually increase health risks, including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even death in adults. 

They recommend filling your sweet tooth with natural foods instead, like fruit. 

Your DNA can now be pulled out of the air

The new method is raising privacy and civil liberties concerns.

Researchers at the University of Florida were using DNA in the environment to track sea turtles but found human DNA all over the place.

Scientists believe the tech could be used to monitor diseases, but privacy experts fear that as the technology improves, law enforcement could use these tools to track certain populations.

Naps may boost creativity

According to researchers from Harvard and MIT, taking a short nap may be key to boosting your creativity.

In the study,  sleep groups were given 45 minutes to nap and and were told to dream about a tree. After their nap, participants were told to write a story using the word "tree." 

Researchers found creativity was the highest in napping groups immediately after waking up, compared to groups that stayed awake. 

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