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Hacks to keep your 2023 fitness resolutions all year round

Ever feel the resolution frustration set is as the year goes on? FOX43 talked to Crunch Fitness East York to get some tips to achieve those goals!

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — We all know the saying, “New Year, New Me”, but sometimes those habits we want to accomplish on Jan. 1, fade as the year goes on.

“People will set very high expectations of themselves. They want to come in five days a week and do high intensity, [but] they just burn out and can’t maintain that. Then they go too much, too fast. We just want to break it down, take a step back and make it as easy as possible for them,” Juline Moussa, the lead fitness trainer at Crunch Fitness East York.

Crunch Fitness trainers say to avoid a fitness plateau, think carefully about your initial goals and remember to keep them attainable.

“We set short-term goals, and then long-term goals too. We have a big picture of what we want to maintain in the next few months. [We go over] what are we going to do each week, each day, to hit that goal too,” said Moussa.

She says this program helps hold gym goers accountable and limits added frustration when a milestone is not met.

She adds that staying disciplined, especially after that initial motivation wears off, can make all the difference.

“There are two things you need, motivation and self-discipline. So when motivation is low, you need that self-discipline to kick in, to make sure that you are keeping up with your goals,” said Moussa. 

Hacks to harness self-discipline:

  • Prepare for the next day ahead of time by packing a gym bag or meal prepping
  • Schedule gym time by making an appointment on your phone or calendar
  • Fit workouts into your regular work or school routine 

From there, take more stock in how you feel after each workout, as opposed to what you may look like.

“We want to make sure you are enjoying it and having a good time too because that’s really going to keep you consistent. If you are doing something you don’t enjoy you just aren’t going to do it,” said Moussa.

Consistency is key when looking for long-term results. 

“Having that schedule day in and day out will help you in your everyday life. And will make sure that you are healthy, mentally and physically nutrition-wise [and] exercise-wise. There are so many different benefits to it,” said Amy Steadman, General Manager Crunch Fitness East York.

There are several Crunch Fitness locations in Central Pa. To give it a try in addition to East York, check West York, Harrisburg or Lancaster. 

On top of regular gym equipment and weights, Crunch Fitness offers group fitness classes like Zumba, indoor cycling, and yoga as well as personal training.

Newcomers can expect a full fitness assessment and an initial body scan to get a baseline through their Crunch One Kickoff assessment and weekends through the rest of January. 

Crunch Fitness will host an open house where all are welcome to try the gym, fitness classes and the amenities offered. For more information click here


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