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Glow in the Dark Pound Fit Class in York County

Burn calories to the rhythm and music during this glow-pound fit class in Springettsbury Township!

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — You can burn calories to the rhythm and music during this glow-pound fit class in York County!

Stellar Fitness has a 35-minute class of high-intensity choreographed cardio, matched up to songs. The added bonus, glowing in the dark throughout the class. 

“It’s normally from 10 to 13 songs in one class. It’s not long because you are working every part of your body and you don’t even realize it because you are just having a good time,” said Heather Hoover Schell, Pound Fit Instructor at Stellar Fitness.

Hoover Schell loves that clients get to connect to the rhythm through using the pound drumsticks, provided for every client who attends.  

“I watch people respond to the music because I have different types of genres, and it is just so fun watching people light up as they are working out,” Hoover Schell said.  

Regular participants of any age notice physical benefits as a result of taking the class consistently.

“[It's] great for any fitness level, does not matter. Age does not matter, I am going to be 53 years old and I am a pound instructor. I would have never thought that and I have lost 45 pounds doing it. It’s great,” Hoover Schell said. 

“I have definitely toned up and gotten muscles and aches and pains that I used to have I don’t necessarily have anymore,” said Eileen Cavnor, a client of Stellar Fitness.

Cavnor also says that the pounding of the sticks helps with stress and releases any that builds throughout the week.  

Clients say one of the best benefits though, is working out with friends made through the Stellar Fitness family. 

“We are definitely a family here. A lot of us have gotten to become very good friends and we just enjoy our time together and also get in shape at the same time,” Cavnor said. 

If you are trying the class out for the first time, sign up online or through their app and arrive about 10 minutes ahead of the start of class. 

To learn more about signing up for pound fit or any of the glow parties happening at Stellar Fitness click here to head to the website!

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