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Are fluoride treatments necessary for kids?

Dr. Vinitha Moopen from Wellspan explains what types of fluoride treatments parents should consider for their kids.

YORK, Pa. — Choosing dental treatments can be tricky decision for parents, specifically ones with fluoride.

Fluoride is a mineral that may be added to local water supplies, toothpastes and other dental care products to help prevent tooth decay and cavities.

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends pediatric dentists:

  • Prescribe a fluoride supplement to children 6 months of age and older if their primary water source lacks enough fluoride.
  • Apply fluoride varnish to the primary teeth of all children 5 years of age and younger.

If a child is at high risk of getting cavities, dentists may recommend other sources of fluoride.

Dr. Vinitha Moopen from WellSpan Family and Pediatric Medicine at Rothsville spoke to FOX43's Jackie De Tore about these treatments and what options are best.

Find out more in the clip above.

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