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Factors to consider when finding the right fitness trend

Your schedule and your ultimate fitness goals are just some of the aspects you should consider when looking into the big trends of 2022.

YORK, Pa. — When it comes to fitness trends, there are some that just never go out of style.

You might like the idea of strength training with free weights or maybe some of the high-intensity interval training classes.

"That's my favorite kind of workout," said Heritage Hills Athletic Club General Manager Matt Schaeffer.  "I love the 'get in, get out' kind of thing.  One thing in our class that's called Sprint, our cycling class.  It's 30 minutes and it's 20 seconds on, twenty seconds off and you're really burning that fat, really getting that cardio going.  It's not everyone's strong suit, but it caters to people like me who just want to get in and get out."

You can find the right class for what you're looking for, as well as what fits your schedule, and even if you don't know, you can always ask.

"No matter the age, no matter the level," added Schaeffer.  "Our gym has a wide range of ages.  We really cater to everyone and that's our strength.  Our staff is educated on fitness so if questions come up from members, we can go and help them."

For those really trying to make up for lost times at the gym or who need to make sure their self-taught form is right, a personal trainer or coach may be the way to go.

"I taught online during the pandemic, and I can preach proper form but obviously I can't see them through that camera lens.  To me, that was just so disheartening as an instructor," said Heritage Hill Athletic Club Fitness Becky Gibney.  "I love to see their faces.  I love to see their form.  I like to see them sweating, and sometimes making bad faces at me, whatever it may be.  But to motivate them and give them proper form and to correct them if they're wrong is a huge thing, cause if you're at home, you could hurt if you don't have proper form."

"It's hard to really engage your form without someone helping you out and I think that's the thing that kind of goes unnoticed," added Schaeffer.

While you might be increasing the financial investment in your workouts with a trainer or coach, it will likely keep you beholden, so you'll maintain your workout schedule.

"It's that extra accountability that really you can't replace," said Schaeffer.  "If you have a personal trainer pushing you every single day, you've made that financial commitment.  You have to show up every single day."

"It's finding someone to hold you accountable if you're not a good person to hold yourself accountable," added Gibney.  "When people are missing in my class, other people notice.  'Why isn't so-and-so here?'  I think it's great if they join and get involved in the fitness community.   It kind of holds them a little bit more liable."

After two days of talking about workouts, we can use a rest day, so on Wednesday, we'll break down a few ways to re-energize while on your fitness schedule.

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