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Your boss can't force you to take a COVID-19 Antibody test

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says making employees take an antibody test is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — As Pennsylvanians continue to head back to work - there is a push for more COVID-19 testing.

However, employers cannot make you take a certain test.

According to the latest guidance from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, your boss cannot force you to take an antibody test to return to the office.

The EEOC states that forcing employees to take an antibody test would be a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The Commission mostly says this is because of the lack of information as to what results from an antibody test really mean.

At this point, the CDC believes antibody tests shouldn't be used to determine if someone is immune to the virus or as a basis for decisions about allowing workers back on the job.

Because of that, antibody tests don't meet the ADA's standard for medical examinations or inquiries for current employees.

Bottom line medical experts haven't been able to prove that once you're infected with COVID-19 that you're immune to the virus in the future.

You don't have to take an antibody test to return to the physical location of your job.

This is only for those antibody or serology tests and it could change in the future as we learn more about the virus.

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An employer can require temperature checks and actual COVID-19 tests before employees return to the office.

That's because the feds say an active COVID-19 case in the workplace could put other employees in danger.

If you feel like your employer is violating any of these regulations, you can file a complaint here.