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What does it take to go from the yellow to green phase of reopening?

A county with one of the lowest case counts in central PA will not be moving into the green phrase on Friday, June 12th. Here's why:

PERRY COUNTY, Pa. — As of June 12th, Adams, Cumberland, Juniata, Mifflin, and York counties will all move into the green phrase of Governor Tom Wolf's reopening plan.

While Dauphin, Franklin, Lancaster, Lebanon, and Perry counties will still be yellow.

There is now a tool on the Department of Health Website so people in yellow counties and see how close they are to moving into the green:

  • Stable, decreasing, or low confirmed case counts, past two weeks compared to previous two weeks;
  • A county must be in yellow for two weeks
  • Contacts of case are being monitored;
  • PCR positivity rate <10% in past 14 days; and,
  • Hospital bed use is 90% or lower per district population.

As of right now, Perry is the only county that went yellow on May 22nd and is not moving into the green on June 12th.

According to the DOH, as of last June 5th, there were more new cases in Perry county over the past two weeks than there were in the previous two weeks.

There were 24 new cases between Saturday, May 23rd to Friday, June 5th - its first 2 weeks in the yellow.

That`s compared to 9 cases From Saturday, May 9th to Friday, May 22nd - when that county was still in the red.

FOX43 asked the department of health since contact tracing is being monitored now, does the DOH know of any particular event or person that may have been the cause of that increase, or is it from several places? 

A spokesperson sent us an email that reads in part, "The department does not release information on whether or not it is specific incidents that have caused the increase."

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As of last week, Perry county also had one of the lowest percentages of its population test positive for the virus in south-central Pennsylvania - at about .15%.

Whereas Adams, Cumberland, and York counties, all of which are going green on June 5th, have higher percentages test positive for COVID-19.

Perry County has one of the lowest COVID-19 case counts in south-cen... tral PA and it's the only county that went yellow on May 22nd but will not be moving to green on June 12th.

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