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Pa. Department of Health releases map of vaccination rates by legislative district

A majority of South Central Pennsylvania House and Senate districts are in the bottom half of all legislative areas.

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Do you want to know how much your immediate region is vaccinated against COVID-19? 

Pennsylvania's Department of Health released data this week which is breaking down vaccination rates by legislative district. 

The DOH website presents information on the percent of people who have been fully vaccinated based off their State House, State Senate, and Congressional District. 

Data does not include anything from Philadelphia County, or federal facilities, like a veterans hospital or federal prison. Districts which include a portion of Philadelphia County are also not included, as its Department of Health is handling its own data. 

Data shows a majority of districts in South Central Pennsylvania fall in the bottom half of the commonwealth's 253 House and Senate regions. 

Senator Judy Ward's 30th District, which covers part of Franklin County, is listed as the lowest vaccinated senate district at 36 percent. House Speaker Bryan Cutler's 100th District in Lancaster County was second lowest among all House districts at 32.2 percent. 

State Reps. Patty Kim of Harrisburg (103rd District) and Carol Hill-Evans (95th) in York were among the lowest vaccinated Democratic districts at 41.3 percent and 42.3 percent respectively.

Conversely, State Rep. Greg Rothman's 87th District in Cumberland County was among the most vaccinated areas, at 60.8 percent. 

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