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Nurses share their experience working during COVID-19 as the country passes 600,000 deaths

"It makes me remember. It makes me remember from the beginning when it all first started," said Moore.

HARRISBURG, Pa. — “In 22 years in nursing, this has been the worst experience in nursing," said Julie Moore, a Certified Nursing Assistant. 

Julie Moore and Myra Taylor have been working in the healthcare industry for over 20 years.

Myra Taylor says working during Covid-19, has been the hardest experience she's ever had to deal with.

"And every nurse that had to experience such trauma is going to have to find a way to continue. there's a lot that have chosen not to. There's a lot that have left the bedside," said Myra Taylor, a Registered Nurse.

Taylor says during the pandemic, they not only had to work long hours and provide care, but also become the patient's support system in the absence of their families.

"All of us (were) required to become their families during this last year, because families weren't able to be at the(ir) bedsides," said Taylor. 

At the facility that Julie Moore works at, patients were dying every day.

"It was hard to walk into work the next day, to see that someone from the day before wasn't there anymore," said Moore. 

Moore also  feared going home to her children and potentially exposing them.

"My youngest daughter has a respiratory illness, so that was very scary trying to keep them safe as well," said Moore.

When she thinks of those lives lost at the facility, she always thinks of one specific friendly resident who would always make sure to greet everyone.

"Just to walk in and to not see him there, he was a lively resident, you know he could move around, we called him walkie-talkie, and he'd sit there on his walker stool, and he'd wave to us and he knew everybody in the building and he's just not there anymore," said Moore. 

As we hit the mark of six hundred thousand Covid-19 deaths, Moore can't help but reflect on this past year.

"It makes me remember. It makes me remember from the beginning when it all first started," said Moore. 

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