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Grocery store owners advise customers to think smart when shopping as food prices continue to increase

President and CEO of Karns Foods says the best way to do this is to buy what you need and avoid overindulging.

LEMOYNE, Pa. — Customers around the country have seen a price increase in common foods and household items.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, this past year prices on grocery items have increased by 2.6%.

Financial expert Vera Gibbons says the pandemic has had a great effect on this.

“Supply, demand, that's how that works, little supply, big demand, big prices,” said Gibbons.

Karns Foods President and CEO, Scott Karns says he's seen this first hand in foods like chicken.

"It is just a struggle to get it because the restaurants have come back on, and they've had a high demand for chicken wings, and chicken breasts,” he said.

Jim Switzenberg, operating partner at John Wright Restaurant says although they are receiving meats, it doesn’t mean they can keep in on the menu.

The price of our filet and rib-eye went up 50% in a week, really close to

$18 a pound. I can't put that on a plate,” said Switzenberg, “we have to look at what else is out there and available that I can satisfy my customers with,” said Switzenberg.

Shoppers at Karns Foods told FOX43 they had to cut back on certain ingredients for their favorite recipes because the price increase was too much.

"During the start of the pandemic, I remember I came out and got a half a gallon of milk and it was actually $6.50, said Chance Westry of Harrisburg, “now that the prices went down it was $4.50, my mom is like you can make as many milkshakes as you want."

Karns says the key to saving when grocery shopping, is to think smart and buy what you need.

"I could eat bananas, or I could eat raspberries, one cost 49 cents a pound one costs 4$ a package, they’re both going to give me calories, he said, “buy what you like and enjoy, but realize there are price differences and there's choices that you can save money on.”

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