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Franklin & Marshall, Elizabethtown College announce 6 students test positive for COVID-19 in online dashboards

Two of the students are at F&M, while the other four are at E-town. All of them are currently in isolation, according to data released on the schools' dashboards.
Credit: FOX43

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. — A total of six students at two Lancaster County colleges tested positive for COVID-19, according to data released on their dashboards this week.

Two of the students are enrolled at Franklin & Marshall College, while four others are at Elizabethtown College. An additional two students at E-town tested positive for the virus but have since recovered, according to its dashboard data.

F&M updates its dashboard every Tuesday, while Elizabethtown updates its dashboard on Mondays. The dashboards show the number of students that have been tested, how many tested positive, and how many are quarantined, among other information.

F&M, E-town, and Lancaster Bible College are the only Lancaster County schools to publish their own COVID-19 statistics on publicly viewable dashboards. Millersville University and Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology do not, though both schools say they have testing measures and COVID-19 precautions in place.

Millersville informed the campus community of its first positive COVID-19 test among students in an email alert on Friday. The student lives off-campus, the school said.

LBC's dashboard shows no confirmed cases in its latest release.

F&M's dashboard has four alert levels -- Low, Moderate, High, and Very High. In the Low level, the school a vaccine or effective treatment allows the school to ease COVID-19 restrictions. At the Very High Level, F&M will immediately send its students home and keep only essential staff on campus.

F&M is currently at the Moderate level, which means the school remains open with COVID-19 mitigation measures in place. 

In its first round of COVID-19 testing, which occurred on August 19 and on Monday, 1,183 of F&M's 3,753 on-campus and commuter students were tested. The school received 672 test results, with two of those testing positive. That number is 0.1 percent of F&M's total  number of students, according to the dashboard data.

Of the two students that tested positive, one is in isolation at home, and the other is isolating on campus. Six other students who are at-risk and awaiting test results are in quarantine on campus, while another is in quarantine at home, the dashboard data says. 

The students who tested positive will be in isolation for two weeks and may only return to campus after a negative COVID-19 test. 

E-town's dashboard also lists the school's current alert level as Moderate. The school tested 516 students as of Wednesday, with six positive results, the school's dashboard said. Two of those students have since recovered, the data says.

The four students who are currently positive are in isolation, according to the dashboard. Four other students who are potentially at-risk are in quarantine, the dashboard says. 

Lancaster Bible’s website shows zero positive cases among students, faculty and staff. A total of 1,231 students are currently enrolled, according to dashboard data.