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Experts discuss why some people have never had COVID-19

There is a small population of people who claim to have not yet gotten the virus, but experts say the odds of someone never having the virus are slim.

YORK, Pa. — According to the CDC, there have been about 94 million cases of COVID-19 reported in the United States. However, there is a small population called ‘Novid,' who claim to have not yet gotten the virus. 

Experts say the odds of someone never having the virus are slim, though. 

“It’s possible that some of them just simply had it, but never knew it, never documented it, never tested for it," said Dr. John Goldman with UPMC. 

According to a study from the CDC that looked at data from September 2021 to February 2022, almost 60% of the U.S population have evidence in their blood suggesting a past COVID-19 infection. 

Dr. Goldman says it is possible that there are some who have managed to avoid COVID-19. He says it's likely thanks, in part, to social distancing, masking and good luck.

“They have been compulsive about social distancing, and masking in public, but a lot of people have been infected by family members. They’ve had some good luck, in that they’ve been able to avoid getting infected in a setting where most people don’t wear masks," said Dr. Goldman.

Experts say it won’t be long until those who have been able to dodge the virus will eventually get it. 

“Anyone who is not vaccinated will eventually get COVID-19, and even many people who are vaccinated will eventually get a natural infection although, I believe it will be much more mild," said Dr. Goldman. 

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