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Spot the stimulus scams before crooks take your money

Now that some Americans have received their stimulus money from the federal government, scammers are trying to news to take it from you.

Some Americans got a boost in their bank account over the weekend.

 the stimulus money from the federal government was deposited some into people's accounts. 

Scammers though are already trying to take that money from you.

Don't fall for a stimulus scam

There are people desperately need that $1,200 from the federal government right now.

Don't let a scammer even get a penny of that.

Here are some of the biggest stimulus scams making the rounds:

If you get a paper check in the mail right now from the IRS, it's probably not legitimate. 

The IRS just started direct deposits and it's even launching an application for people who usually get checks to enter their bank information to get a direct deposit in the upcoming weeks.

If you get a check this month that requires verification before you can cash it, it's a scam.

 Also, the IRS or any federal agency, is not going to be sending you a social media message or asking you to verify your banking information for the stimulus money. 

Do not fall for that. 

If you see anything related to a processing fee for your stimulus payment, that's fake too.

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Just ask the people who have already have that money in their accounts.

You don't have to pay anything to get this money, so don't let a crook trick you into doing that.

If anyone says your stimulus payment was a "mistake" or you got too much money, probably not true either or if someone tells you you need to pay that money back right now, that's a scam. 

Most Americans will not have to do anything to get that stimulus money.

If you don't file tax returns or maybe you typically get a refund check mailed to you, you will be able to go to the IRS website and enter your bank account information for a direct deposit. 

You'll also be able to track your money that way too.

Remember though, you should only be doing that on the IRS website.

We're sure to see some fake websites pop up spoofing that soon too..

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