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Adding elevation to the heel for a better squat | FOX43 FitMinute

One small adjustment can help you get into a lower, more beneficial squat. In this week's FOX43 FitMinute, we are here to tell you all about it!

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — FOX43 has taken you through the proper way to squat but some may still be having trouble with form and depth. In this week's FOX43 FitMintue, Danny Amon, a York JCC Fitness Center training manager, shows us one little change that will help in a big way! 

“What we are doing here is making the squat work for us while also still getting the major benefits of it. We are simply going to elevate our heel,” said Amon.

He says that adding this little lift will allow the body to perform a squat that feels a bit more natural.

“We have a couple of wedges at our gym and we use them with a lot of our clients who have the same issue, you just literally stand on the wedge,” said Amon.

If you don't have a wedge, try using a 5 to 10-pound weighted plate flat and secure to the ground. Shoes with built-in lifts are also available for purchase.

“[Through] this extra lift to the heel and being able to squat much lower we are getting much deeper knee flexion, much deeper hip flexion, [and] you’re stretching those areas out. Then, because you are loading those areas and doing the movement, you are getting a much bigger benefit in terms of how much those muscles will grow in response to what you are doing,” said Amon.

Amon says this is great for any level and can be utilized when ankle tightness is present or days when the body is just not feeling up to hitting proper depth. 

Give this a go at home or at your local gym to feel the difference, and let us know how you did!

You just got better!

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