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First snow in central Pennsylvania | Weather Rewind

In this week's Weather Rewind, we look back at the first snow for many folks in Central Pa. November snow isn't unusual, but the timing was a little early for some!

HARRISBURG, Pa. — It's Friday, and that means it's time to look back at this week's weather in another Weather Rewind.

Mother Nature sure helped us out with this one—of course it's going to be the first snow for parts of our area!

November snows aren't unusual, but the when and where can be a little ahead of schedule.


A weak storm system managed to hold onto enough cold air west and north of Harrisburg Tuesday evening.

That brought the first measurable snow for many locations across Central Pennsylvania.

Areas south and east of Harrisburg, like York and Lancaster counties, saw mainly rain and weren't as lucky.

However, there was enough of the white stuff across our area to call it the first taste of winter!

Anywhere from one to four inches of snow fell for areas north and west of Harrisburg.


Credit: FOX43 Weather
Here's a look at when the average first snow falls for Central Pa.!

In far northern Mifflin county, this is right around when you'd expect to see the first snow.

However, the weather was almost 15 to 20 days early for counties like Juniata, Perry, Dauphin, Cumberland, Adams and Franklin.

Much of Lebanon, Lancaster and York counties did not reach that tenth of an inch to count as a "measurable" snow.

These areas usually see the first snowfall during the first half of December—so never fret!

Stay tuned every Friday for the "whys" behind the weather wonders that grab our attention each week!

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