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NASA working with Tom Cruise to film a movie on International Space Station

Administrator Jim Bridenstine announced the collaboration Tuesday on Twitter.
Tom Cruise is in discussion with NASA about shooting a movie on the International Space Station. (AP/NASA)

LOS ANGELES (TEGNA) — Tom Cruise's next mission impossible: Filming a movie in space.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine announced Tuesday that the space agency is working with the "Mission Impossible" and "Top Gun" actor to create a film aboard the International Space Station.

"We need popular media to inspire a new generation of engineers and scientists to make @NASA's ambitious plans a reality," Bridenstine tweeted.

While Deadline first reported about the NASA-Cruise collaboration, Bridenstine and the space agency have not given further details. Deadline also said Cruise would work with Elon Musk's SpaceX for the project, which would be a "narrative feature film" shot in space.

Neither Bridenstine nor NASA offered further details on whether Cruise or other actors would be launched to the space station for filming.

The ISS has been a working laboratory and crew quarters orbiting Earth for more than 20 years. Five space agencies are part of the join ISS program: NASA, Roscosmos (Russia), CSA (Canada), ESA (Europe) and JAXA (Japan).