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John Harris High School enforcing clear backpack policy

The decision to renew the policy comes after a shot was fired in the school's parking lot.

HARRISBURG, Pa. — A Harrisburg high school is now enforcing a clear backpack policy after police say a shot was fired on campus.

While the policy is not a new one for John Harris High School, officials say in recent years they have relaxed enforcement.

"We are not saying this policy is being put in place because of the shooting," said School District Board Member Carrie Fowler. "We are simply enforcing a policy we have always had, but have been lax in the past few years."

Officials announced the change on social media just over a week after a shot was fired in the school's parking lot.

Police found a shell casing after reports of a shot fired at the school on Sept. 7. 

"Our admin is working on finding solutions to all problems we are having with our district," said Fowler. "This is one of the first solutions we are implementing for the safety of our students."

The school is providing free clear backpacks for all students who need them.

Fowler noted, while they have not made a decision on disciplinary actions students may face for not using the clear backpacks, the issue will be discussed at a board meeting on Sept. 20.

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