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DIY masks save N95 masks for medical personnel and first responders

After the CDC recommended wearing masks when going out in public, Friday afternoon Pennsylvania governor and secretary of health stressed the importance to follow.

LANCASTER, Pa. — With the increasing COVID-19 cases in Pennsylvania and the country, Friday afternoon, the CDC released new recommendations, asking people to wear makes if you have to leave your residence. 

Simple household items can help protect you and those around you, while also, keeping the medical and N95 masks for medical personnel and first responders. Who are on the frontlines, fighting this outbreak.

“Please stay home unless you absolutely cannot and when you absolutely must leave home wear a cloth mask,' said Gov. Tom Wolf.

"Now just like washing your hands and covering your cough are effective measures it is important to remember that your masks protects me and my mask protects you against exposure," says PA Secretary of Health Rachel Levine.

A mother and daughter duo in East Petersburg, Lancaster County, teaming up and using their sewing skills to make more than two dozen masks.

“People are really desperately in need of them. Just to wear around and we’re getting more and more requests for them,' said Mickey Ryan. 'I think anything stretchy is not as safe because the pours are larger when it stretches, so like jersey and t-shirt materials is not as good as something like a sheet that really doesn’t have a stretch to it.”

Hannah and Mickey started making masks out of old t-shirts, now with newly donated material, they chose a pattern that resembles a surgical mask, adding pockets in the masks for added protection.

But if you only have a t-shirt to use, the CDC says to use multiple layers of fabric.

Mickey works in the medical field. Her daughter Hannah is a school teacher. When Mickey isn't working, that's when they get to work, working in sixes. Hannah saying their able to finish six masks in about 20-minutes.

“Urging people to cover their faces, as uncomfortable it may be,' says Hannah. 'If we all do it we’re all protecting each other.”

If you don't have a mask, you can use six simple household items to make youre own with a ruler, fabric, scissors, needle and thread or sewing machine and fabric ties as simple as hair ties.

This is just another way to help slow and hopefully stop the spread of COVID-19.