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York City Police, community members discuss gun violence and solutions

The meeting comes just hours after York reported its 16th homicide of the year.

YORK, Pa. — The York City Police Department met with members of the community to discuss gun violence in the city. The meeting took place just a few hours after the city reported yet another fatal shooting.

York Police revealed crime data, showing that half of the gun-related homicides in 2022 are at the hands of those ages 14 to 24.

“They’re at football practice with their kids, not knowing they are the next victims," one concerned York resident said. "And some of them are the next shooters.”

Solutions to surging gun violence were at the heart of tonight’s community forum hosted by York City Police. Commissioner Michael Muldrow said efforts in the last few years are working.

“While the homicide numbers are nowhere near where we want them to be," Muldrow said. "The gun violence numbers are actually coming down.”

Among the slides was a graph showing that from 2011 to 2021 homicides in York remained at a similar level.

Monday's deadly shooting in York brings the total number of homicides to 16 in 2022. A 37-year-old man was shot and killed in the 300 block of Miller Lane.

One of the biggest issues Commissioner Muldrow brought up was a lack of officers, especially when comparing York to other cities in Pennsylvania.

The department plans to add at least 22 more officers for a variety of roles, including 12 patrol officers, six detectives, and three violence intervention unit officers.

“We can really bring some impact and have some results," Muldrow said. 

Other solutions offered were education, cameras, and stronger community outreach, all well received by those in attendance.

“Accountability starts with us, this is our city," one York resident said. "I think the rec center and cameras are our two best viable options."

“It shouldn’t be if we have the money," another woman from York added. "It should be 'where is the money coming from?'”

Commissioner Muldrow and York Mayor Michael Helfrich also highlighted the importance of providing community centers and safe spaces for the youth. A recreation and engagement center is already in the process.

Other ideas that community members brought up were providing more resources to the formerly incarcerated and stronger monitoring techniques for juveniles caught in possession of, or involved with firearms.

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