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Timeline: the search for Tia Bynum, Robert Vicosa and his daughters

York Area Regional Police offered an in-depth look at the timeline of events in the disappearance of Robert Vicosa.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — Where are Robert Vicosa, his two daughters, and Tia Bynum?

On Nov. 17, the York Area Regional Police gave an in-depth look at the timeline surrounding Vicosa’s disappearance and kidnapping of his two daughters Giana, 7, and Aaminah, 6. 

Lt. Ken Schollenberger began the press conference in York County with a plea to Vicosa, saying, “In your heart, you know what you are doing is not right – you are a father to these young ladies– do the right thing Robert, bring them back.”


Nov. 12

According to the criminal complaint, the victim, who is Vicosa's ex-wife and also the mother of Giana and Aaminah, accepted an invitation to celebrate her birthday at Robert Vicosa's home in the 1500 block of Pleader Lane in Windsor Township.

During an interview with police, the victim said she did celebrate her birthday with her daughters at Vicosa's home.

After some time had passed, the children had gone to bed and the victim was preparing to leave, when Vicosa told her that he had a gift for her, according to the criminal complaint.

Then, the victim says that both Vicosa and Tia Bynum grabbed her by the arms while Vicosa pointed a handgun to her head.

The duo allegedly forced the victim down into the basement, where she was tied up by her wrists and ankles and placed on a table on her stomach.

According to the affidavit, at some point, the victim was untied and forced to snort a crushed Oxycotin pill and smoke marijuana, while Vicosa made her handle weapons and bags of drugs.

The victim said after a few hours, Vicosa forced them up to a bedroom where he allegedly raped the victim.

Nov. 13 to 14

The victim was allegedly held captive these days and raped multiple times.

Police say that the victim spoke to her brother at one point to let her know that she was okay because he was worried about her.

According to the criminal complaint, Vicosa told the victim to sound convincing and that if the cops were called, "everyone would be dead."

The victim told police that on Sunday, she was able to convince Vicosa to allow her to go home to get some clothes and her computer.

After stopping at her home for the items, the victim went to Target and got help from an employee.

Nov. 15

Vicosa, a former Baltimore County police officer, has not been seen since Sunday, when the victim spoke to York County Regional police, concerned for she and her daughter’s safety. 

After executing a search warrant at the home on Pleader Lane, Lt. Schollenberger said the next move by law enforcement was, “to ping his phone” and geo-locate him to a home of a friend of Vicosa’s, Tia Bynum.

Bynum, who is believed to be a current police officer, was at the residence where Vicosa’s phone pinged, but after a search of the home, neither Vicosa or the children were located.

She confirmed to police that she was at the Pleader Lane residence with Vicosa, the victim, and the children from Friday night until Saturday morning, but denied ever going into the basement of the home.

Bynum also said she did leave Vicosa and the victim alone in a bedroom in the home.

Credit: York Area Regional Police

Nov. 16

As officers continued searching during the afternoon hours of Nov. 16, a tip came in that a woman on Hussan Road in Red Lion was being held at gunpoint by a black man matching Vicosa’s description. 

Officers say Vicosa, hiding with his daughters in the woman’s camper van, “held a gun to her head…demanded her car…and asked her to get him rope to tie her up.”

The woman offered him her car, a silver Jetta, and her cellphone, in which he proceeded to make several calls, before driving off with the young girls.

Later in the evening, officers found the silver Jetta abandoned in Red Lion with Vicosa’s medication and a cellphone inside it. 

Vicosa’s personal cell phone was pinged once again to Bynum’s house where she and the Lexus GS350 that was parked at her home, had gone.

Nov. 17

Police said at a press conference that Vicosa and Bynam committed a carjacking in the Cockeysville, Maryland area.

A victim was held at gunpoint by Vicosa while driving to several locations around the Baltimore metro area, before being released unharmed, police said.

Officers say a felony arrest warrant is out for Vicosa.

Both he and Bynum are believed to be together with Vicosa's children, and considered to be armed and dangerous.

Authorities believe Vicosa may be driving a gray Ford Edge with a Maryland tag "2DT716."

U.S. Marshals are offering up to a $5,000 reward for information that leads to Vicosa's capture and the childrens' recovery.

Anyone with information is asked to contact 911 or the tip line at 1-800-762-8187.

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