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Updates on Erma Kaylor homicide investigation 10 years later

Lancaster Police are hoping to use the anniversary to motivate residents to find Kaylor's killer.

LANCASTER, Pa. — Its been 10 years since the death of an elderly Lancaster woman, Erma Kaylor. 

In May 2012, 83-year-old Erma Kaylor was found stabbed to death in her apartment on the 200 block of West Vine Street.

Lancaster Police are still looking for her killer.

“For us and for the families, the case never goes away," said Captain Michael Winters. "Sometimes people think that we forget about these unsolved cases and that couldn’t be further from the truth.”

Captain Winters is the leader of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Lancaster Police Department and has been on the Kaylor case from the beginning.

He said investigators made a lot of progress early on in the case, with residents providing plenty of information. However, the leads began to run dry.

“Knowing how we made good progress. But then some cases slow down pretty quickly, there’s definitely a bit of frustration," said Captain Winters.

Back in 2016, police released the below video from the day of Erma Kaylor’s death showing a potential person of interest near her home the day before and the morning after the murder. 

Leads and phone calls after the video’s release still lead to dead ends.

“Often with cases like this, you don’t know what’s important until, at some point, it becomes important," said Captain Winters. "So, you might get a tip or piece of information that you’re not sure how it fits into the case, or even if it fits into the case. And then, later on, something develops, and you learn that that information was very useful.”

Neighbors said that they’re hopeful that police are able to find the killer. Captain Winters is hoping to use the anniversary of the murder to galvanize residents to help identify a suspect.

“The hope would be that somebody in the area, or someone familiar with the case knows someone who fits the description, or maybe the person we’re trying to identify," said Captain Winters.

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